Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jesus Is...

Describing My Indescribable Saviour...
This is only the surface...My Jesus is so much, much more...So Indescribable and so so so wonderful!

Awesome Provider
Healing Protector
Humbling Saviour
Loving Redeemer

Powerful Jesus
Forgiving Messiah
Inspiring Teacher
Discipling Shepherd

Faithful Father
My Living Water
Rock of Ages
Mighty, Mighty General

Ready for Battle
Ready to Fight
I'm Ready to Conquer
I'm Ready To Stand for What is Right

Willing Servant
Compassionate Friend
He's Crowned in Glory
He's Dressed in Light
Giver of Grace
Full of Delight
My Beautiful King
My Lord and My God
His Powerful Hand
Is Out Stretched Over All