Saturday, December 18, 2010

No Such Thing As Impossible…

Just an ordinary girl that God used in an extraordinary way. She was no saint, she wasn’t at the top of her class, she wasn’t even considered brilliant or the most beautiful. In fact the Bible doesn’t really describe any physical part of her. All we know about her at the time is that she is: 1) a virgin and 2) highly favoured by God.

Imagine…To be told by one of God’s messengers that God highly favours you. Mary was just an average teenaged girl. She was betrothed to an average guy and she thought she had her life planned out perfectly. They would marry and have children, love those children and watch those children grow up to marry and give them great grand children. It was a perfect average situation….But…God had other plans. God always has a plan for us that goes way beyond our expectations. We may try to change them, forgetting that no matter what, God can do anything.

So Mary receives this divine visit from a man named Gabriel, who “claims” to be God’s angel. She never even questions that claim for she knows in her heart that he speaks the truth. I say this cause I know  a lot of people, sometimes even myself, that would probably question someone claiming to be an angel. Mary didn’t, in fact she was even friendly to him and Believed him.

Mary never argued. She never once demanded that there had been a mistake. But instead she reply’s:

“How can this be, I am a virgin?”

A voice of reason. Now if I were Mary, I would most definitely be in shock right about now. But such a sensible and reasonable answer certainly tells us something. Mary was thinking clearly. She clearly understood what this angel was telling her. The answer she receives is pretty amazing.

“The power of the most high will over shadow you. The holy Spirit will come upon you.”

WOW! How wonderful would that be! To be honest I have been stuck on this verse for the past day. I can’t get past it. That is some promise. “The power of the most high will OVERSHADOW YOU” Imagine God’s power overshadowing you. When you have God’s power overshadowing you, that is when you begin to see the impossible happen.

“Mary, nothing is impossible with God.” The last  thing Gabriel told her before leaving. When God’s power is over shadowing you anything can happen. God can do anything!

Mary had the best response you could have to such a message. She didn’t away, she never got angry, she never questioned the angels sincerity, but instead She kneels down and worships Her God singing praises in His name. She knew this could bring her some trouble, I’m sure she was even a little frightened to tell people, knowing what they would think. But she didn’t care cause she knew her God was greater than that. Mary had enough trust and faith to believe Her God knew exactly what He was talking about. She had the faith to believe that God’s plan for her life was greater than hers and that it was indeed the best plan for her. She truly believed that…NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!

Monday, December 13, 2010


I know it is not Christmas yet…though it is fast approaching. I am also aware of all the rules that prohibit me to say the famous and lovely “Merry Christmas”. And to be honest…I hate it. .

This Christmas is different for me. This Christmas I have a growing number of friends and acquaintances who not only are not Christians but really have no idea why Christmas even exists. It’s all fun and parties for them. Though it’s true that Christmas is a wonderful time to have parties and gatherings, to see friends and family and spend time with them, It just isn’t the reason for Christmas.

It is required of me to be respectful and remember all these religious holidays. To be respectful of other cultures and backgrounds. I have no problem with that, it is important to love one another and be considerate. But the thought I keep coming back to is this:  All the religions in this world are all highly respected and tolerated. They are all respected. All the religious holidays are respected…but then there is Christmas. Believe it or not it is a religious holiday. It is a Christian holiday. You are free to celebrate along with Christians but why does the true meaning of Christmas, the reason Christians celebrate, have to be so hidden and secretive. Really it is as easy as saying “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays” or “seasons greetings” I absolutely can not stand those two phrases.

Maybe it would be easier to understand why I feel so passionately about this subject if you truly had a basic understanding of why Christmas even exists. Maybe you do understand Christmas, but really , it’s a good reminder to us all. You see, it really isn’t about the presents, the cookies and milk, the shopping, and the santa clause. None of this really has anything to do with Christmas.

It’s not about Christmas trees, decorations and carolling, the lights and the big feast on the 25th of December. I admit, these things are nice, I enjoy them as much as you. But there is so much more to the story.

It’s about a baby. A baby that was born to a virgin girl. A baby who not only would grow up to be a mighty king…He was born a King; the King of Kings. A baby who was born in a barn and laid in a feeding trough due to every inn being full that night. A baby who grew up to teach his people, and heal them of their pain and disease. A baby who grew up only to be arrested and beaten and later slain on a cross though he did nothing to deserve it. A baby who after dying was laid in a tomb for three days that was heavily protected against potential thieves. A baby who, three days after dying, arose from his grave conquering death and coming back to life.

This baby I speak of is my Saviour Jesus Christ. He is the reason for this Holiday. He is the reason we even get a day off near the end of the year, the reason Christmas was even created. Because with out Jesus, with out my God we would all be dead! We would all be completely doomed! Jesus came to earth as a little baby, so that we all, whom he loves so very much, may have the choice to follow him.

My God has so much grace and love for me. More than I have ever deserved. That is the gift I celebrate having received at my Christmas time. The gift of grace. It’s a gift that is under every Christmas tree every year. In fact it is a gift that is always available no matter what time of year it is. It’s a gift from God to us. 


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Seven Days

On the first day God said,
“Let there be light”
And the light that he made was ever so bright
The light he called day
And the dark he called night
And so it was made to God’s delight!
God looked at it all
With a smile on His face
For He was pleased with it all
All that He had just made

On the second day God said,
“Let there be space between the water and the sky,
So the light has place to roam up so high,
And let there be water to cool the planet,
To bring refreshing and beauty so extravagant”
And it was so as God declared!
God looked at it all
With a smile on His face
For He was pleased with it all
All that He had just made

On the third day God said,
“Let there be land
Let there be soil and mud,
And rocks and sand,
Let there be trees
And plants and leaves,
Let the flowers grow and colour
The earth beneath”
And it was so, all that God dreamed!
God looked at it all
With a smile on His face
For He was pleased with it all
All that He had just made

On the fourth day God said,
“Let there be lights in the sky,
Let there be a sun that shines so bright during the day,
And let it bring heat to the chilliest of days
Let there be a moon to light the night,
When darkness covers the earth so tight,
And let billions of stars twinkle like diamonds so pretty”
And it was all so as God exclaimed!
God looked at it all
With a smile on his face
For He was pleased with it all
All that He had just made

On the fifth day God said,
“Let the sky be filled with birds,
Let each winged creature soar undisturbed
And let the sea be filled with movement so swift,
Of dolphins and sharks and whales and crabs,
Let each creature in the sea swim and roam freely”
And it was all so as God gave his command!
God looked at it all
With a smile on his face
For He was pleased with it all
All that He had just made

On the sixth day God said,
“Let there be life to roam the land
So quiet and still,
Let there be movement
Running, prancing, with noises so rare,
I want to see my creation enjoyed,”
God made it clear
Tigers, elephants, puppies, and snakes,
“Each creature will be special and have different traits,
I want creativity to cover the earth,
Let there be diversity among each living creature”

“And let there be humans
Made in our own image,
Let them rule the earth
And have dominion of it
Let them do so together
With each other and with us”
And it was all so as God made it known!
God looked at it all
Each creature with love
For He was pleased with it all
As he watched from above

On the seventh day
God examined the beauty he had created,
He watched each animal and spoke with Adam
It was this day he rested after all he had done,
This day he made Holy and from then on
And it was all so, for the last time God declared!
God looked at it all
With a smile on His face
For He was pleased with it all
All that He had just made