Monday, November 7, 2011



Acts 2:42-47

“All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper, and to prayer.

A deep sense of awe came over them all, and the apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders.  And all the believers met together in one place and shared everything they had. They sold their property and possessions and shared the money with those in need.  They worshiped together at the Temple each day, met in homes for the Lord’s Supper, and shared their meals with great joy and generosity—all the while praising God and enjoying the goodwill of all the people. And each day the Lord added to their fellowship those who were being saved.”

I have thought about these verses for months and it was this weekend that I began thinking about them again because God brought this issue back to my attention as if to say… “This topic is not finished yet, we have lots more to discuss.”

How cool would it be to see people getting saved every day? To lead friends to Christ daily? And just what is stopping us? These verses basically lay out the things to do to see this. Why don’t we see it happening in our lives? It’s frustrating! Maddening! And yet this is what God had to say to me about it…


And He gave me a list…

We can either have FEAR: of rejection, of not having enough, of no one showing up, of being wrong, or of what others will think of us…


We can have FAITH: that God knows what he is talking about, that the impossible can happen, that Miracles can happen, that there is hope, that God can change hearts…

It’s our choice, He says, Which one will we choose? Which one sounds more appealing to you?

Let’s share what we have. God has given us so much! Why should we get to keep it all to ourselves when there are so many in need of God’s grace and love…

Jesus, I pray boldness over the church. Boldness that will shine bright. That we can bring our church experience to our community in need of you. Take our fear away! Replace it with boldness and passion! A boldness that will lead us to begin to lay hands on people in our work and schools. A boldness that would make miracles apart of our lives every day. A boldness that would bring people to their knees in surrender to you every day…AMEN!

The Following is my last few thoughts for now…

From Fear To Faith

A Woman begging in the streets

Tattered shoes on her feet

Two children attached to her side

Wearing Shabby attire and tears in their eyes

I stop to watch with a compassionate heart

Before passing on by without any more thought


As I turn the corner I see an old classmate

Sitting in his car unsure of his fate

Suffering with every breath

As life holds him captive

How I long to go and lay hands on him

But once again fear wins

As my feet move me in the opposite direction


I see people like this all the time

Suffering and hurting and ready to cry

How many times I wish I had just tried…

What harm would come with a simple spoken prayer,

And yet every time fear paralyzes me

From being able to share

I hear them calling from a deep, dark place…

God, what can I do?

I need you to give me strength

To help make a difference in those lost lives

You came to save

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Your Will Be Done


I recently finished a story. It’s the story about a girl named Mary. A story of impossibilities. One girl who was living for God. Her eyes were focused on her maker and because of this God chose her for a divine purpose. Although most people don’t see it this way, it’s true. I like to think that this could be my story too.

Right now I am in that place of trying to figure out God’s will for my life. I have dreams and goals, but the trick is to discern my dreams from God’s dreams and then match my dreams to His cause He has a plan for my life. It is the ultimate plan and the best plan.

Yes I want God to use me. I want to be used by Him in big ways. I wonder if Mary ever thought about this. Chances are she did cause I like to think she was not that much different from me. I’m sure she had dreams and goals for her life as well. Sometimes when we dream God invades our life and focuses us on an entire new path. He knows what our dreams are and what we want so we don’t have to worry that he will put us somewhere we would hate. He knows what I would like better than I do. Even when I feel all mixed up and lost I can look to Him cause I know that my God is never lost or confused.

This is the ending to the short story I have just completed. It is part of a collection of short stories I am writing based on Ecclesiastes 3. This particular one is written to describe the verse “A time to be born and a time to die”  and it is entitled “Impossibilities”

As you read this, put yourself in her shoes. A young girl that God used. God changed her plans drastically and she was still able to say “Your will be done, my Lord"

She thought back to the night her precious son was born. She had held his tiny fingers. Such tiny hands they were…she had no idea what those tiny hands she held would be capable of. She had no idea that those tiny hands held power to heal the sick and lame; That those tiny little feet would carry her son so far, on water and land, to teach of His father’s ways; that his beautiful eyes would see beyond a person’s outward appearance straight in to their heart. And every time she heard her son’s cries she never knew the tears he would shed as he died for the world that he so loved.

So much power Her Lord has power enough to conquer death. Power so great, that nothing, absolutely nothing, was impossible for Him, no matter what.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Will Follow You…


I haven’t posted anything for at least a month because until now I just couldn’t describe what God has been speaking to me. It is a lot to think about, but he brings it up in everything I do and everywhere I go. Even this post won’t say it all.  Everything from Giving to serving, to living in faith, to believing God really does know what is best.


  Jesus is good. His ways are better than my ways. Sometimes he closes one door without opening another. Sometimes he doesn’t  tell you his plans before he does something.  Sometimes all he wants us to do is to learn to wait on him. Yes we make our plans and we dream wonderful dreams. But how much bigger and better are His dreams for us?

Perhaps the following will explain for me what has been burning on my heart:

May the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart bless Your name, bless Your name Jesus. And the deeds of my day and the truth in my ways speak of You speak of You Jesus.

Lord will You be my vision, Lord will You be my guide, Be my hope, be my life, and the way. And I’ll look not for riches nor for praises on earth, only You’ll be the first of my heart.

For this is what I’m glad to do

It’s time to live a life of love that pleases You

And I will give my all to You

Surrender everything I have and follow You

…I will follow, I will follow You…


“When you know what you want in life, May Flower Dawn, go after it. Sometimes it doesn’t end up the way you planned. Trust God and it’ll turn out better. “ (Marta, Her Daughter’s Dream, Francine Rivers)


“Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done, On earth as it is in Heaven.” (Matthew 6:10)


“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jesus Is...

Describing My Indescribable Saviour...
This is only the surface...My Jesus is so much, much more...So Indescribable and so so so wonderful!

Awesome Provider
Healing Protector
Humbling Saviour
Loving Redeemer

Powerful Jesus
Forgiving Messiah
Inspiring Teacher
Discipling Shepherd

Faithful Father
My Living Water
Rock of Ages
Mighty, Mighty General

Ready for Battle
Ready to Fight
I'm Ready to Conquer
I'm Ready To Stand for What is Right

Willing Servant
Compassionate Friend
He's Crowned in Glory
He's Dressed in Light
Giver of Grace
Full of Delight
My Beautiful King
My Lord and My God
His Powerful Hand
Is Out Stretched Over All

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Show Me Your Glory (Exodus 33:18-23)

It’s all I want, It’s what I need…

And he said, “Please, show me Your glory.”   

 Picture 025

Then He said, “I will make all My goodness pass before you, and I will proclaim the name of the LORD before you. I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.”

But He said, “You cannot see My face; for no man shall see Me, and live.” And the LORD said, “Here is a place by Me, and you shall stand on the rock.  So it shall be, while My glory passes by, that I will put you in the cleft of the rock, and will cover you with My hand while I pass by. Then I will take away My hand, and you shall see My back; but My face shall not be seen.”

How many times have you asked the Lord this very thing? Jesus, show me your glory, Show me your power, show me your awesome presence…We ask it all the time, and He shows it to us over and over again. 

How many times have you asked God to show you his glory. Do you ever feel tired of asking for His glory cause You think “Oh God must be tired of hearing the same request over and over again.”

That is not true, and don’t even think that anymore. God will never tire of showing you how awesome and wonderful He is. It isn’t a burden to Him. He loves it.

Look at it this way. This is a picture God gave me. Picture something in your life that you are extremely passionate about. Something you love to talk about and tell others about. It could be a gift or talent you have or something you just figured out or received from someone.

What do you want to do with such a gift? You want to tell all you see. You want to share your treasure with others. It would never be a burden to you to speak of it over and over. To give someone. time and again. People may think, “Oh I can’t ask her/him again, they’ve shown me a thousand times. But they can cause it’s something you love to talk about! For God to reveal his awesome glory to you it’s not a burden. You have just to ask. Seek for it and you shall find.

Moses asked to see God’s Glory and just look what happened! When God was through the impact was significant. People couldn’t look at his face they were so scared. When the see the Glory of God in your life it will be so evident to others. Some may be scared and some may question it but people will be seeing God’s glory. Maybe even for the first time.

Moses had to wear a veil over his face because his face was shining so bright. If you want opportunities to share Jesus with others, get in to God’s presence every day. Ask Him to show you his glory every day and watch the wonderful things that come from that. Only good can come from it.

Just keep asking over and over: It’s what He wants, It’s all He wants.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Living Life To The Full

The enemy comes to steal, and to kill, and to destroy; But, I come that you may have life, and have life to the full!!!
John 10:10

For those who believe in Jesus, our enemy is constantly trying to get us to mess up. It's his mission. He can't stand it when we are so passionately in love with the God of the universe. He can't stand seeing us running to our Heavenly Father and worshipping at the father's feet. The enemy can't stand it when we set apart time in our day to spend with Jesus, our friend.

It's interesting how these are the ares in which many Christians struggle. Personal Devotion time, surrenduring our entire life to Him, and having enough faith to put our entire trust and confidence in God. It isn't easy for anyone, most of the time people don't even like the thought of having a God, people think it makes them sound weak and out of control. Truth is, we are weak. Truth is, we need Jesus, Jesus didn't make us to be independant creatures. He made us to be dependant on Him cause He wants to Have a personal relationship with us. If He made us totally independant: 1) why would he have bothered to make thousands and millions of other people?
2) Why would we even be here at all?
Jesus wants us to rely on Him, it's what we were made for. By surrenduring our life to Him we are showing our personal strength. How willing we are to admit we are imperfect and flawed. That just shows how strong one is to be able to do that as pride has become something people thrive on.

And it's just what the enemy wants from us. He wants us to be puffed up with pride. Pride is one way the enemy tells us that we don't need a saviour. We are better than that. It's NOT true. The Bible says we can only serve one master. There is no room in our life to hold on to pride and serve Jesus.

Jesus came for us that we may have life and have it to the full. Jesus came for us! He didn't create us to completely ignore Him. He created us that we may serve Him and worship Him, and Live out His plan for our lives. The only way to do that is to surrender to Him and let Him breathe new life in to you daily. That comes from spending time with Him daily.

The devils favourite word is tomorrow. "I'll do it tomorrow" The enemy LOVES it when we say this. cause, once you say it once, it gets easier the second time, and the tird time, and the fourth and so on. We need to take tomorrow out of our vocabulary and replace it with today. Today I will serve Jesus, Today I will spend time with Jesus, Today I will tell my friend about Jesus, Today I will pray for that person.

We need to trust that God knows what He is doing and surrender fully to Him. Only then will we receive complete strength and righteousness. It may seem like the weak step to the rest of the world, but in the end, just who will appear the strongest? Those who relied on their own stregnth all their life? Or those who relied on the Stregnth of the almighty Saviour?

Proverbs 40:3 Those who wait on the Lord will receive new stregnth, they will run and not grow weary, walk and not faint.

Who are you going to listen to: The enemy, or Your creator? Jesus is crazy about You. It breaks His heart everytime you run from Him. Stop running, stop wearing yourself out. Turn around, face Jesus, and fall to your knees. For you are weak on your own, but in Jesus you are forever strong, With Jesus the center of your life,You will appear to be stronger in the end. Jesus came that You may have life and have it to the full! Give Your life to Jesus and Your life will be full.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Come to the Cross

Come to the Cross

All who are lost

All who are searching

All who are seeking

All who have found disappointment

If you have any guilt, fear or pain,

Come to the cross

Come to the cross and let

The King take it all away


Come to the Cross

Those weary of sinning

those who need repentance

And unconditional forgiveness

Come as you are

There’s no exceptions or restraints

To the Heavenly Father’s never ending Grace


Come to the cross

Singing praises in his name

Glorifying and praising

And in all things giving thanks

Worshipping the saviour

In everything you do

Come to the cross…

…allow Him to make you new…

Saturday, January 29, 2011

“Aslan is On the Move!”


There is a famous quote from one of my most favourite stories. It’s a classic really. “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” is an amazing story with so many truths and parallels about our walks with Jesus and what He did for us all. Perhaps you read the title of this blog with this book in mind. It’s a quote from this most beloved story, and I find it most appropriate for these present days. “Aslan is on the move!” Jesus is beginning to work, stirring something up, something different and wonderful.

Isaiah 45:21-25

For there is no other God but me, a righteous God and Saviour, There is none but me.

Let all the world look to me for salvation!

For I am God there is no other.

O have sworn by my own name; I have spoken the truth, and I will never go back on my word:

every knee will bend to me,

and every tongue will confess allegiance to me .

The people will declare,

“The Lord is the source of all my righteousness and strength.”

And all who were angry with him will come to Him and be ashamed.

In the Lord all the generations of Israel will be justified, and in Him they will boast.

What an amazing promise we can hold on too. This is God saying this, Himself! He is God and there is no other! He is righteous and He is my saviour. We look to Him for salvation!

We pray for our loved ones that they may come to accept God’s gift of salvation. We pray fervently and persistently and faithfully.

This month, the major focus at my church is “The Lost:” those who don’t know who Jesus is or just can’t seem to accept what He did for them. It is sad, really. It’s Disappointing  to tell someone an hilarious joke only to have them just stare back at you like it was the most ridiculous thing you have ever said, even though you know it just changed your life having heard it.

Yes this may seem pretty extreme but it’s true! Jesus changed my life! why am I holding this wonderful news back from people? Why am I not shouting it loud for all to hear? I know that when I have an awesome secret that I am told not to share, it takes all my strength to hold it in. Yet this news is no secret. I have been given permission, and even commanded, to share it with all i know and then some. So why do I hold it back? Why, when I know that this secret, this huge news of mine WILL save lives?

Jesus break my heart for what breaks yours, everything I am for your kingdom’s cause! Jesus break my heart for what breaks yours! break my heart! break my heart! break my heart! I want to have that compassion you have for people, I want to see people for how you see them…lost and broken…but with out hope! You are there hope, Jesus, but how should they ever know this if no one tells them the simple truth?

Jesus, I pray right now for the people on my heart. For my friends and there families, that they may not live in darkness any longer. I pray for boldness and courage over the church of Langley, that we all may have greater faith for the unsaved. I pray for the city of Langley, that eyes may be opened and that You may begin to reveal yourself through us. Give us the strength we need to withstand the temptations to “conform to the world” let us be set apart, salt and light, to our city. Let us be carriers of your Kingdom, that in all we may do that we would seek your Kingdom first. Don’t let us rest until our work is done. Take away any fear that may be holding us back from saying what needs to be said. Replace it with power, with love and with a sound mind. Thank you, Jesus for your grace and love that you so unconditionally offer us. We want to see lives changed!

Your will be done today, on earth as it is in Heaven….


Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Promise of Laughter - Part 1

She laughed uncontrollably. It was a deep refreshing laugh. There had been too many months of tears that to show this particular emotion felt foreign to her. Now, hearing these strangers speaking with her husband, she just couldn’t help herself. How could they expect her to believe such news? After so many years of disappointment, she had just about given up all hope. Should she believe them? Should she convince her husband that they should try again? Did he even believe this news? Maybe these men were sent by Yahweh. If so, maybe this was finally the fulfillment of that promise they were waiting for.
Her eyes drifted away from the mysterious meeting. She watched as their young boy so willingly helped out the shepherds and servants with the endless work needing to be done. They had believed Ishmael to be that promised son of her husband, Abe. Maybe he wasn’t. Maybe God had other plans. Though if this boy wasn’t to be her husband’s descendent, just what was his purpose?
She chuckled, this time out loud, as she re focused her attention on her husband and the three strangers who were explaining the news for the fifth time. It was comforting to know that he was having trouble understanding this news just as much as she. After all, he wasn’t getting any younger. Most of their friends were going on great grandchildren by now. Was this only disappointment threatening to settle over their home once again? If that was the case she just couldn’t condone it. She couldn’t let that happen once more.
Strangely, she thought she had heard someone calling for her. Though there was no one around but her husband and his guests, surely they didn’t need to speak with her.
“Sarah, could you please come over here?”
Surprised Sarah grudgingly brushed herself off making herself look presentable for their guests. Curious she was, very curious as to why they would ask to see her. She had enough to do anyways.
“Ahhh here she comes,” Her husband teased, “Gentlemen, this is Sarah.”
Without giving the men a second glance, Sarah moved ever so close to her husband. She didn’t appreciate being gawked at like she was sure they were all doing.
“You laughed?| the first man asked.
“Yes, I did. Is that so wrong?”
“Sarah…” Her husband sounded agitated.
“Do you find us of humor?” The second man asked, ignoring her husband’s comment.
“Well…yes, no, oh I don’t know. You just caught me off guard. Wasn’t expecting this is all. I mean--surely I am too old to bear children!”
“Is anything too hard for the Lord, Sarah?” The third man challenged. We will be returning in a year. At the appointed time, you, Sarah, will indeed have a son.”
She stared at the men, astonished at the audacity they had to invade one’s home and speak their minds as if they ran the place and not her husband.
“Abe, please, I think we have a few things to talk over, may I have a word with you?”
“Sure, just as soon as these men are on their way.”
“We really should be heading out now anyways, we have already stayed way over the time we planned to. Congratulations you two. We’ll see you in a year.”
Sarah waited patiently as the men promptly got up and proceeded to saddle their horses. After brief goodbye’s they were on their way.
“Abe?” He was awfully quiet for a man whom was just told he would indeed have his first son at such a mature age.
“Well, what do you think of all this?”
“Sarah, remember, Yahweh never lies, his promises are yes and amen. He did indeed promise us a son.”
“Yes, but…what about Ishmael?”
“What about him? Maybe he just isn’t who we thought he would be.”
“Abe, do you honestly think these men are from God?”
“I don’t know, is there any proof that they are not? Maybe we should wait it out, we’ll try one more time and if nothing happens then we will have our answer.”
She watched as her husband stalked off in the direction of the fields. “Probably to check on the shepherds” She decided. She remained silent for a few moments. She had a good many things to ponder about. If she was to have a son after all, what would become of her husband’s eldest? He would most surely get nothing then as illegitimate as he would be.
Then there was the possibility that she still could conceive, despite her age. I mean technically, it was still physically possible. If God could flood the earth with one rainstorm, Surely Yahweh, creator of Heaven and Earth, knew what he was doing. Those things seemed so impossible. Yahweh could surely do the impossible.
But the possibility of bringing disappointment under their roof again still flooded her heart with heavy feelings of resentment.