Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Had A Dream...

But the Lord said to him, “Go, for he is a chosen vessel of Mine to bear My name before Gentiles, kings, and the children of Israel.

I woke up this morning a little dissapointed. Though I was dissapointed, I couldn't help but feel some joy.

I had a dream last night. The dream itself didn't seem to have much point but to entertain my sleeping brain. The setting was weird. I was with some of my best friends. One particular friend was there. There was something different about this particular friend that sets her apart from my other friends.

I have been praying for my friend Chelsey for many years. I began when I was twelve years old. I admit my faith has grown as my friendship with her has grown. And although she may not know it, she has taught me a great many things, rather God has through her.

In my dream I saw a few of my friends praying with her. She was saying that saving prayer I said many years ago. She was saying those words a great deal of my friends had prayed. She was saying those words I have prayed for seven years she would utter.

In my dream I hadn't realized just what she was doing. I was not included among the group. I was merely a spectator. When she finshed praying she left my group of friends and ran over to me to tell me her news. I replied with tears of joy. well, it was more like i was bawling, weeping, but joyfully. I was sad to have missed such a joyful experience but somehow that didn't matter, because Chelsey had come to me for the next step.

One day I hope to share my thoughts and feelings with her that I am able to share with some of my other friends. One day I pray we will be able to speak to each other of what God is doing in our lives, and the world around us.

This dream made me realize two things, though I have prayed for seven years for my friend:
1.) I should never give up on her. God has a plan for her life and just maybe he wants to use me to help fullfill it. I have prayed that God may use me. Maybe this is one way he wants to do that.
2.)I may not be the one to say the prayer with her but I need to be ready to desciple her when she does say the prayer. I need to be ready to invite her to church, give her a Bible, whatever she needs to begin her journey.

I may not know when this will happen, but I woke up this morning with a new hope. Jesus has a plan for everyone. He knows everything. And he knows just when his children will choose to enter his kingdom of light.

The verse written above is a verse God gave to me for my friend. A prophetic word for her life. Later I looked up the meaning of Chelsey's name. Meaning: "Port of ships or vessle" I just stared at the screen completely in awe of my king...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To Be Touched By God

Feel the Power, Jesus is my everything. Lord I need you! Feeling his gentle touch is what keeps me going day after day. He inspires me to live my life with only one purpose in my life. The life I now live, I live for God alone. Creator of Heaven and Earth...I know what it means to be touched by God...

The following poem, is the beginning of a book I have begun to write, of stories of people in my life who have felt his hand on their life. People who have been touched by God.

Truly full of love,
Forever giver of grace
When I need him the most
I feel his tender embrace

Open and honest
Full of questions full of thoughts
I know the answers are always close
I only need to talk to you, God

Ultimately it is you I trust,
In you I put my worries
My fears, my iniquities
My imperfection, my guilt,
My pride…
You took it all from me…
You took it…and then you died…

Called me by name
Called me your child
Breathed life in to me
Your inspiration is mine,
I am constantly seeing you work
Through out all my life

Holy Spirit Rain down
Rain Down
Rain Down
Soak me to the skin
In the mercy you hold
The compassion you give
And the love you constantly show
I need you hand on my life,
Every day of the week
I need your grace that you give so freely

Every day, guide me
Take me by the hand
Lead me to paths of righteousness
Keep me out of the sinking sand
I want to feel your hand
Over all my life
To feel your touch is comfort enough
Especially when I am surrounded by so much strife

Dreaming of more
Oh so much more!
With you in my life
I know there is so much in store
I never have to worry
Of getting lost
And losing my way
So long as my focus is on you
Your gentle touch
Is what keeps me from drifting
I love you father God
You are my king

Monday, June 21, 2010

From God Above

Psalm 45:14-15
In her beautiful robes, she is led to the king,
accompanied by her bridesmaids.
What a joyful and enthusiastic procession
as they enter the king’s palace!

Beautiful one
Why do you cry?
I have the time
I have all the time you need
Say what you need to say
I love spending time with you
…my child…
Why can’t we do this more?

Here you go…
You like to read
Why not read this—
The best book written
The best of the best
Inside its pages
You’ll find answers to problems
And sound advice
But that’s not all
It’s also a map of your life
It includes all the right directions
And all the right turns

And if ever you are bored
In need of some excitement
There may also be a story or two
That might interest you
Variety is plenty
Romance, action, tragedy,
And even a little comedy too
All non fiction
Abraham, Isaac, Noah, Ruth

Why don’t we read this together?
I know you will find it
Quite what you need
Anytime, anywhere
Just flip through these pages
Just begin to read

Now lay your head down
Rest here now
Daddy’s got you close
You’re safe and sound
If you need to cry
Go right ahead
If something made you laugh
I want to hear the joke that was said
If someone made you frustrated
Or really, very mad,
I love to hear your voice
Tell me everything you can
I love the time you spend with me
I treasure it
So precious it is
Talk to me whenever
But I do have one small request
You may talk all you want
But also take the time to listen
For I have things to say
And stories to tell as well
I have a message just for you
A conversation just doesn’t work
With only one
It was created for two

I love you my daughter
That you should never forget
Let me straighten the crown
That sits on your head
You – a princess
To the most high king
Please never forget that
If anything
I think your beautiful
Special and unique
Gifted, talented
I made you in my image
That should tell you a lot
That you are extremely beautiful
Through and through
Remember –
I always tell the truth

And no matter what you’ve done
Whether it be big or small
Remember the cross
And what I did for you
Bring me your troubles
Any issues you hold
And remember—
I conquered death,
Nothing is to huge
That I won’t be able to fix

The things you have done wrong
And the sins you have committed
Your sins are forgiven
I will never again bring them up
No matter what
I love you
I am always here for you
No matter what you’ve done
My princess,
My daughter,
Once again Remember—
I made you special…
…And I love you very much

God Made you beautiful, it is true. Don't ever let someone take this truth from you! I am a princess, and you can be too. If only you would let God adopt you in to his family. The best family you could ever enter. Where love is forever, and affectionate is ever evident. Best decision I ever made...I would never go back for anything.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Psalm 46:1
God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in trouble.

The word refuge has been on my heart lately. It is a beautiful word. God is our refuge. Ever so often I get a song in my heart and a song that never leads my mind. The lyrics for my song of the week are as follows:

When I walk through the valley you are the one holding my hand
When I cross through the waters I will not drown, your helping me stand

All along you have been so faithful
All along you have been my...

You are my
Reach out my hands to touch you again
You’re my refuge
You’re my refuge
You are my
I’ll bless your name
Giving you thanks
You’re my refuge

It is a beautiful song from the band, deluge, lead by Jonathan Stockstill...I have listened to it over and over. God is our refuge. He is always there, holding our hand, never to let go. Walking through the valley, or through the waters, he is holding our hand, his is ever so faithful to us. He is our refuge!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Simple Faith

Mark 10:14
When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understandings. In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths.

Slowing down, Rebecca took one glance behind her to find her Mother hastily trying to keep up with both Rebecca’s two-year-old brothers in tow. “Slow down, Zach!” She reprimanded as only an older sister could.
“Fine, but they better not take any longer. I want to see Jesus!”
Leaving her brother Zack, she backtracked to help her mother with the two toddlers. “Come, Ben,” She encouraged grabbing his Chubby little hand.
“Thanks Rebecca.” She heard her mother muster with little energy.
Rebecca watched as her Mamma pressed on, holding her other brother tightly to her chest. Such a shame, Silas being crippled since birth, Sadly every doctor they spoke to ended with the same conclusion. No hope.
Rebecca scanned the crowd ahead. Children and parents were scattered everywhere all with the same purpose. This teacher had built quite the reputation among the town’s people. She had even overheard her Mamma tell her father last night that it “was her deepest desire for all of her children to be touched and blessed by this man.” Apparently he did that sort of thing. Though she really wasn’t sure what he did to raise such a fuss among the adults she knew.
“There he is, Mamma, I see him!” Zachary shrieked with excitement.
Suddenly the crowd turned in to a small mob. Parents grabbed hold of their children to avoid being separated. Some parents even lifted their smaller children up over their, heads to keep them from being smothered by the crowd. She gathered her two brothers and hastily made search for her Mother who was now quite a distance away. Before Rebecca could do anything about it a commotion broke up front and center of the ever growing crowd.
“What do you think you’re doing bringing all these…little people here to bother our master? He has no time for them, he’s to busy! He has more important things to do then to take time baby-sit children! “A man reprimanded.
“But we want him to bless our children. We want them to have a chance to see him while he is in town!” One mother called.
“Yeah, if we can’t speak with the man won’t you at least let us catch a glimpse of him?” Rebecca’s mother added a little on the loud side.
Rebecca looked up surprised at her Mother’s outburst, as she was usually more conservative than that.
“I’m sorry but the master is extremely tired, you must let him rest.” Another of the men urged. Rebecca was starting to hate these people.
“Thomas…Peter…come here.”
Rebecca looked up. Another man was walking towards them as they spoke.
“Yes master,” the one called Peter answered.
She stared at the man. He was the teacher all these people had come to see? But he looked so ordinary!
“Why do you keep these children away? Don’t you know that I love it when children come to me? Don’t you know it brings me such joy to see these shining, innocent faces? Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth; anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it. Rebecca could not believe her ears. No adult had ever treated her this way. Most looked at her only as the child she was. This man thought she was special and she smiled at that thought. He truly did care. Suddenly, an idea popped in to her mind. If he cared for children like he said he did, than maybe he would listen to her request. It was worth a try. She had heard stories from other people. If those stories were completely true then…
Rebecca broke free from her brothers hoping they would keep still and not follow. She pushed her way to the front of the crowd until she was face to face with the man called Jesus.
“Jesus?” She began, her voice trembling a little. She gasped for the breath her little sprint had briefly taken away.”
“Yes child?” He answered. His eyes were full of love when he looked at her.
“I-I was wondering…” a little nervous, “Do-Do you think you could tell us what’s wrong with my brother. He’s very sick and not one Doctor can tell us why this is.”
Compassionately he took her in his arms, “How old are you, child?”
Rebecca looked at him worried by this question. Was he going to reject her because she was too young to be asking such things? “Eight” she answered timidly, so only he would be able to hear.
“So young, and yet so full of faith; Why do you think its children that my kingdom belongs to?”
“I don’t know…you like children?”
“That I do; but listen.” At this time, he turned his attention to the waiting crowd. “It does take great faith such as this child has here, to enter God’s kingdom. Faith you see in children,” Then turning his attention back to Rebecca, “Come, let us go see your brother.”
Rebecca gave a relieved smile. “Silas is this way.”
She led him through the curious crowd back to her waiting family. Rebecca watched in awe as he took Silas in to his arms, once again, his face held such compassion.
“Rebecca come, stand with me. You have such strong faith that your little brother might walk even when those around you have given up all hope. Rebecca, your brother was sick but he is no longer. Your faith has made him well today. Take his hand walk with him, run with him. He no longer is sick.”
Rebecca reached out her hand to Silas and pulled him to his feet. At first he took little steps, but it wasn’t long before he was soon chasing His twin brother Ben and six-year-old Zack. Rebecca watched as their mother, who would have normally run after the boys just stood in disbelief watching her three boys run. Tears filled her eyes as she embraced Jesus in thanksgiving before running to catch up with her boys.
Rebecca threw her arms around Jesus. It was the warmest hug she had ever felt. For once, she felt important standing there in the presence of an adult. For once, she did not feel inferior as she usually did. Taking Jesus hand in hers, she smiled and tears of thanksgiving filled her eyes too. She could never thank him enough for what he had just done. She tried to think up something profound to say but nothing fit. Finally, she found her voice.
“Thank you, Jesus.” It was so simple. Not what she meant to say at all. However, some how, maybe it was the way he smiled at her simple words, But some how she just knew…it was more then enough.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I wrote this about two years ago and decided to bring it out of the closet...

Over the Cliff

The icy waters of the ocean spread out before my eyes, only to stop abruptly where the sharp, jagged rocks, begin. I stand there on the dock studying the water intently below me. Extended off the huge cliff is a long, bright yellow slide that awaits my descent down its slippery, yellow, plastic surface.

Taking a deep breath, I bend my knees slowly. My feet leave the dock only for a second, as I fly freely through the air, plunging in to the deep depths of the ocean. What a shock it is your first time in, breath taking almost. Once my body begins to numb, to the point where I cannot feel my legs much, I begin to swim to the ladder. The path seems longer between the dock and the cliff once you are actually in the water.

Reaching the ladder, and careful not to cut my bare feet among the many barnacles that have made there home underneath the rungs; I begin to climb, Up, up, up, step by step by step. My heart starts pounding deep in my chest. “I’m going to do this; I’m going to do this.” I repeat to my self repeatedly in my mind.

Then suddenly, after what feels like an eternity of climbing, my feet stop dead in there tracks. I look down to see what they are doing, and notice I have come to the end of my climb.

Taking a few moments to watch the person in front of me whiz down faster than the speed of light, I begin to tremble. Hitting the surface, they disappear under water. Finally, it is my turn. My moment is here, the time has come.

Slowly, I place myself carefully upon the slide holding on to the edges for dear life. Water runs freely under me as I watch it disappear in to the ocean.. Taking a deep, deep breath, I close my eyes and let go. My hands fly straight up in the air, while screams of terror and excitement fly out of my mouth. I hit the water with a gigantic splash and get a mouthful of salty, seawater, while swimming to the surface for air. “I did it!” I yell for all to hear, as I swim over to the ladder, ready to climb and descend that cliff once again.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Surrender

Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.<blockquote>

He will Always be faithful to us,
he will Always stay true,
He will always protect and guide us,
He will Always be there to talk,
That word sums of God in more ways then one...
I got this picture today in prayer and it spoke volumes to me.

I say a parent and a child standing face to face. The child had stuffed his pockets full of candies. The parent stood in front of him holding a jar, telling the child to surrender all the candies. The child starts pulling candy out of his pockets and throwing them in the jar. Once he got to the last few he pretended that was all, not fooling his Dad. His Dad looked at him and asked "Are you sure that is all" Guiltily the boy pulls out the remaining candies and reluctantly throws them in the now full jar. The Dad pulls the lid out and screws it tightly on the jar before putting it on a high shelf safe from little eager hands.
"I will keep this safe for you. You may have one at a time, when I say. Trust me that I know what I am doing. Trust me that my timing is right. If I gave these all to you now, you would surely get sick."
Of course the little boy was still not too sure what he had done, but he listened to his father anyways.

That is what I heard from God. I am in the middle of figuring out my life, having just graduated from Highschool and Bible college. God is teaching me total surrender. To give all my hopes and dreams to him as the boy gave his candies to his father. God will take care of them for me. He knows when i will need what. He told me that though I may only get one at a time, despite my cries for more, it was what was best for me cause to receive all the plans at once would just overwhelm me. He knows what is best and that his timing is best...The trick is to trust than...and to surrender it all to him...Such a hard thing to do but I really believe it will be worth it in the end.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Jesus is my inspiration...

Jesus is my inpiration. I write because of him...I write to him...
I write, have written, and will write even more...
One of my newest poems...

Forgiven and Free...Broken for Me

One hand pierced for the sting of sin
Two hands pierced so I can be changed
Three nails held him to the cross so high
Though it was out of love, he hung naked I may not die
Beaten and whipped, denied and betrayed
For me and for all, that we may be saved
Our sin now left at the foot of the cross
To be forgotten and buried and left to rot
Almighty God who loves us all
You love us, you love us, you love us so...
forgiven, redeemed, overflowing of grace
Thank you, Father God...
My heart is an abundance of Praise