Friday, June 4, 2010

Jesus is my inspiration...

Jesus is my inpiration. I write because of him...I write to him...
I write, have written, and will write even more...
One of my newest poems...

Forgiven and Free...Broken for Me

One hand pierced for the sting of sin
Two hands pierced so I can be changed
Three nails held him to the cross so high
Though it was out of love, he hung naked I may not die
Beaten and whipped, denied and betrayed
For me and for all, that we may be saved
Our sin now left at the foot of the cross
To be forgotten and buried and left to rot
Almighty God who loves us all
You love us, you love us, you love us so...
forgiven, redeemed, overflowing of grace
Thank you, Father God...
My heart is an abundance of Praise

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