Saturday, February 4, 2012

Song For A Friend

(How Do I Tell Her?)

Searching in all the wrong places

Searching long and hard

Longing for something different

Something so much more

She’s my lost sister

Lost to the world

And I pray for the day

She desperately cries out

How she was wrong

That its forgiveness she wants

Forgiveness and Her Father’s Love


Until then I wait

Praying every night:

“God invade her dreams

Invade her heart

Show her the way to life”


How do I tell her of the saviour I love?

Of the love He showed as He died for the world

How do I tell her of the Father above?

How he watches and listens to all we have to say

Never tiring of spending time with His children

Each and every day

How do I tell her that she is never alone?

Through the rough times and joyous times

When she is near and far from home

His presence goes with her wherever she goes


How do I tell her

How I dream of the day

She walks in this freedom

And accepts all that Jesus gave…


God desires that all may be saved. Why wouldn’t he? He made us all. So why is that not our utmost desire. Why are we not striving to live to see people saved?

Jesus break our heart for what breaks yours. Let everything we do bring Glory to You! We lift our friends to you, our family members to you, our co workers for you, our fellow students to you. May they come to find and experience the amazing grace you give…Amen!