Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To Be Touched By God

Feel the Power, Jesus is my everything. Lord I need you! Feeling his gentle touch is what keeps me going day after day. He inspires me to live my life with only one purpose in my life. The life I now live, I live for God alone. Creator of Heaven and Earth...I know what it means to be touched by God...

The following poem, is the beginning of a book I have begun to write, of stories of people in my life who have felt his hand on their life. People who have been touched by God.

Truly full of love,
Forever giver of grace
When I need him the most
I feel his tender embrace

Open and honest
Full of questions full of thoughts
I know the answers are always close
I only need to talk to you, God

Ultimately it is you I trust,
In you I put my worries
My fears, my iniquities
My imperfection, my guilt,
My pride…
You took it all from me…
You took it…and then you died…

Called me by name
Called me your child
Breathed life in to me
Your inspiration is mine,
I am constantly seeing you work
Through out all my life

Holy Spirit Rain down
Rain Down
Rain Down
Soak me to the skin
In the mercy you hold
The compassion you give
And the love you constantly show
I need you hand on my life,
Every day of the week
I need your grace that you give so freely

Every day, guide me
Take me by the hand
Lead me to paths of righteousness
Keep me out of the sinking sand
I want to feel your hand
Over all my life
To feel your touch is comfort enough
Especially when I am surrounded by so much strife

Dreaming of more
Oh so much more!
With you in my life
I know there is so much in store
I never have to worry
Of getting lost
And losing my way
So long as my focus is on you
Your gentle touch
Is what keeps me from drifting
I love you father God
You are my king

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