Monday, June 21, 2010

From God Above

Psalm 45:14-15
In her beautiful robes, she is led to the king,
accompanied by her bridesmaids.
What a joyful and enthusiastic procession
as they enter the king’s palace!

Beautiful one
Why do you cry?
I have the time
I have all the time you need
Say what you need to say
I love spending time with you
…my child…
Why can’t we do this more?

Here you go…
You like to read
Why not read this—
The best book written
The best of the best
Inside its pages
You’ll find answers to problems
And sound advice
But that’s not all
It’s also a map of your life
It includes all the right directions
And all the right turns

And if ever you are bored
In need of some excitement
There may also be a story or two
That might interest you
Variety is plenty
Romance, action, tragedy,
And even a little comedy too
All non fiction
Abraham, Isaac, Noah, Ruth

Why don’t we read this together?
I know you will find it
Quite what you need
Anytime, anywhere
Just flip through these pages
Just begin to read

Now lay your head down
Rest here now
Daddy’s got you close
You’re safe and sound
If you need to cry
Go right ahead
If something made you laugh
I want to hear the joke that was said
If someone made you frustrated
Or really, very mad,
I love to hear your voice
Tell me everything you can
I love the time you spend with me
I treasure it
So precious it is
Talk to me whenever
But I do have one small request
You may talk all you want
But also take the time to listen
For I have things to say
And stories to tell as well
I have a message just for you
A conversation just doesn’t work
With only one
It was created for two

I love you my daughter
That you should never forget
Let me straighten the crown
That sits on your head
You – a princess
To the most high king
Please never forget that
If anything
I think your beautiful
Special and unique
Gifted, talented
I made you in my image
That should tell you a lot
That you are extremely beautiful
Through and through
Remember –
I always tell the truth

And no matter what you’ve done
Whether it be big or small
Remember the cross
And what I did for you
Bring me your troubles
Any issues you hold
And remember—
I conquered death,
Nothing is to huge
That I won’t be able to fix

The things you have done wrong
And the sins you have committed
Your sins are forgiven
I will never again bring them up
No matter what
I love you
I am always here for you
No matter what you’ve done
My princess,
My daughter,
Once again Remember—
I made you special…
…And I love you very much

God Made you beautiful, it is true. Don't ever let someone take this truth from you! I am a princess, and you can be too. If only you would let God adopt you in to his family. The best family you could ever enter. Where love is forever, and affectionate is ever evident. Best decision I ever made...I would never go back for anything.

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