Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I wrote this about two years ago and decided to bring it out of the closet...

Over the Cliff

The icy waters of the ocean spread out before my eyes, only to stop abruptly where the sharp, jagged rocks, begin. I stand there on the dock studying the water intently below me. Extended off the huge cliff is a long, bright yellow slide that awaits my descent down its slippery, yellow, plastic surface.

Taking a deep breath, I bend my knees slowly. My feet leave the dock only for a second, as I fly freely through the air, plunging in to the deep depths of the ocean. What a shock it is your first time in, breath taking almost. Once my body begins to numb, to the point where I cannot feel my legs much, I begin to swim to the ladder. The path seems longer between the dock and the cliff once you are actually in the water.

Reaching the ladder, and careful not to cut my bare feet among the many barnacles that have made there home underneath the rungs; I begin to climb, Up, up, up, step by step by step. My heart starts pounding deep in my chest. “I’m going to do this; I’m going to do this.” I repeat to my self repeatedly in my mind.

Then suddenly, after what feels like an eternity of climbing, my feet stop dead in there tracks. I look down to see what they are doing, and notice I have come to the end of my climb.

Taking a few moments to watch the person in front of me whiz down faster than the speed of light, I begin to tremble. Hitting the surface, they disappear under water. Finally, it is my turn. My moment is here, the time has come.

Slowly, I place myself carefully upon the slide holding on to the edges for dear life. Water runs freely under me as I watch it disappear in to the ocean.. Taking a deep, deep breath, I close my eyes and let go. My hands fly straight up in the air, while screams of terror and excitement fly out of my mouth. I hit the water with a gigantic splash and get a mouthful of salty, seawater, while swimming to the surface for air. “I did it!” I yell for all to hear, as I swim over to the ladder, ready to climb and descend that cliff once again.

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