Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Promise of Laughter - Part 1

She laughed uncontrollably. It was a deep refreshing laugh. There had been too many months of tears that to show this particular emotion felt foreign to her. Now, hearing these strangers speaking with her husband, she just couldn’t help herself. How could they expect her to believe such news? After so many years of disappointment, she had just about given up all hope. Should she believe them? Should she convince her husband that they should try again? Did he even believe this news? Maybe these men were sent by Yahweh. If so, maybe this was finally the fulfillment of that promise they were waiting for.
Her eyes drifted away from the mysterious meeting. She watched as their young boy so willingly helped out the shepherds and servants with the endless work needing to be done. They had believed Ishmael to be that promised son of her husband, Abe. Maybe he wasn’t. Maybe God had other plans. Though if this boy wasn’t to be her husband’s descendent, just what was his purpose?
She chuckled, this time out loud, as she re focused her attention on her husband and the three strangers who were explaining the news for the fifth time. It was comforting to know that he was having trouble understanding this news just as much as she. After all, he wasn’t getting any younger. Most of their friends were going on great grandchildren by now. Was this only disappointment threatening to settle over their home once again? If that was the case she just couldn’t condone it. She couldn’t let that happen once more.
Strangely, she thought she had heard someone calling for her. Though there was no one around but her husband and his guests, surely they didn’t need to speak with her.
“Sarah, could you please come over here?”
Surprised Sarah grudgingly brushed herself off making herself look presentable for their guests. Curious she was, very curious as to why they would ask to see her. She had enough to do anyways.
“Ahhh here she comes,” Her husband teased, “Gentlemen, this is Sarah.”
Without giving the men a second glance, Sarah moved ever so close to her husband. She didn’t appreciate being gawked at like she was sure they were all doing.
“You laughed?| the first man asked.
“Yes, I did. Is that so wrong?”
“Sarah…” Her husband sounded agitated.
“Do you find us of humor?” The second man asked, ignoring her husband’s comment.
“Well…yes, no, oh I don’t know. You just caught me off guard. Wasn’t expecting this is all. I mean--surely I am too old to bear children!”
“Is anything too hard for the Lord, Sarah?” The third man challenged. We will be returning in a year. At the appointed time, you, Sarah, will indeed have a son.”
She stared at the men, astonished at the audacity they had to invade one’s home and speak their minds as if they ran the place and not her husband.
“Abe, please, I think we have a few things to talk over, may I have a word with you?”
“Sure, just as soon as these men are on their way.”
“We really should be heading out now anyways, we have already stayed way over the time we planned to. Congratulations you two. We’ll see you in a year.”
Sarah waited patiently as the men promptly got up and proceeded to saddle their horses. After brief goodbye’s they were on their way.
“Abe?” He was awfully quiet for a man whom was just told he would indeed have his first son at such a mature age.
“Well, what do you think of all this?”
“Sarah, remember, Yahweh never lies, his promises are yes and amen. He did indeed promise us a son.”
“Yes, but…what about Ishmael?”
“What about him? Maybe he just isn’t who we thought he would be.”
“Abe, do you honestly think these men are from God?”
“I don’t know, is there any proof that they are not? Maybe we should wait it out, we’ll try one more time and if nothing happens then we will have our answer.”
She watched as her husband stalked off in the direction of the fields. “Probably to check on the shepherds” She decided. She remained silent for a few moments. She had a good many things to ponder about. If she was to have a son after all, what would become of her husband’s eldest? He would most surely get nothing then as illegitimate as he would be.
Then there was the possibility that she still could conceive, despite her age. I mean technically, it was still physically possible. If God could flood the earth with one rainstorm, Surely Yahweh, creator of Heaven and Earth, knew what he was doing. Those things seemed so impossible. Yahweh could surely do the impossible.
But the possibility of bringing disappointment under their roof again still flooded her heart with heavy feelings of resentment.


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