Saturday, December 18, 2010

No Such Thing As Impossible…

Just an ordinary girl that God used in an extraordinary way. She was no saint, she wasn’t at the top of her class, she wasn’t even considered brilliant or the most beautiful. In fact the Bible doesn’t really describe any physical part of her. All we know about her at the time is that she is: 1) a virgin and 2) highly favoured by God.

Imagine…To be told by one of God’s messengers that God highly favours you. Mary was just an average teenaged girl. She was betrothed to an average guy and she thought she had her life planned out perfectly. They would marry and have children, love those children and watch those children grow up to marry and give them great grand children. It was a perfect average situation….But…God had other plans. God always has a plan for us that goes way beyond our expectations. We may try to change them, forgetting that no matter what, God can do anything.

So Mary receives this divine visit from a man named Gabriel, who “claims” to be God’s angel. She never even questions that claim for she knows in her heart that he speaks the truth. I say this cause I know  a lot of people, sometimes even myself, that would probably question someone claiming to be an angel. Mary didn’t, in fact she was even friendly to him and Believed him.

Mary never argued. She never once demanded that there had been a mistake. But instead she reply’s:

“How can this be, I am a virgin?”

A voice of reason. Now if I were Mary, I would most definitely be in shock right about now. But such a sensible and reasonable answer certainly tells us something. Mary was thinking clearly. She clearly understood what this angel was telling her. The answer she receives is pretty amazing.

“The power of the most high will over shadow you. The holy Spirit will come upon you.”

WOW! How wonderful would that be! To be honest I have been stuck on this verse for the past day. I can’t get past it. That is some promise. “The power of the most high will OVERSHADOW YOU” Imagine God’s power overshadowing you. When you have God’s power overshadowing you, that is when you begin to see the impossible happen.

“Mary, nothing is impossible with God.” The last  thing Gabriel told her before leaving. When God’s power is over shadowing you anything can happen. God can do anything!

Mary had the best response you could have to such a message. She didn’t away, she never got angry, she never questioned the angels sincerity, but instead She kneels down and worships Her God singing praises in His name. She knew this could bring her some trouble, I’m sure she was even a little frightened to tell people, knowing what they would think. But she didn’t care cause she knew her God was greater than that. Mary had enough trust and faith to believe Her God knew exactly what He was talking about. She had the faith to believe that God’s plan for her life was greater than hers and that it was indeed the best plan for her. She truly believed that…NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!

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