Tuesday, July 27, 2010


There are countless times we ask God for things, stuff, miracles. God loves it when we ask for something, when we rely on him for everything. He is our father, our heavenly father. There are many things I have asked God for. It is so easy to ask. Though the problem is we forget he knows everything already and he has a plan for anything. He has a plan for you. He knows just what he is doing. His timing is best. I may ask him for a miracle and sometimes I may go back and question him as to why he didn't give me a miracle and Why he didn't answer my prayer, but is that really fair to God?

The poem below is a story of a little boy. A little boy who didn't live very long after he was born. We were praying for him, praying for a miracle. Just not the miracle God wanted to give us. He chose to take that little boy home to raise him up directly in his presence. Though it wasn't what we asked, though we never saw the healing we wanted...I believe sometimes we need to stop and realize that just because our loved ones don't live, doesn't mean they were not healed. God loves us all so much. He wants us all to be with him. We need to consider it an honour when God chooses to take someone to live in Heaven with him instead of letting them grow up with us. We may weep, we may mourn, but in the end they are with God. In the end why not rejoice? In the end God loved him more then we ever could.

The following poem focuses on a type of healing we don't think enough about. We don't exactly get to see this little boy healed and fully restored, running with his savoir, but God healed him. In, fact I believe that right now, at this very moment, he just couldn't be happier. No more pain, no suffering, no fear, no crying or tears. He is dancing with angels, singing and laughing with the king of kings. Could we ask for much more?

Heaven has received a special gift
A little infant boy
Cute, cuddly, and very sweet
He brings God so much joy

Ever more in God’s presence
Forever in God’s arms
The angels sing him lullabies
And rock him back and forth

Always may he be
A very special boy
May it never be forgotten?
How safe and content he is
In our Lord and saviors arms of
Love and compassion

Laying down his little head
Across Jesus’ chest
He dreams sweet dreams
And plays and laughs
As little boys do best

Energy explodes from his body
As his tiny legs get up and run
He now plays on Heaven’s streets
Paved with golden paving stones

Down he looks to the earth
Through the window of your house
He sees his parents a little sad
But rejoicing greatly
For now their little boy
Is finally home to grow up
Forever in God’s house
Healed and free

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