Thursday, September 9, 2010

Run to the Throne and Embrace Your King

We run to Your Throne
Where we belong
Every heart will sing
That Jesus is Lord
Casting all else aside
For the joy of our Christ
Let Your Glory fall
Our hearts are filled with Your Fire

Such a good song that has really been on my heart lately. "We will run to your throne WHERE WE BELONG" WE belong at his throne, WE belong on our knees worshiping our Saviour. What more could we ask for?

So many times I imnagine myself running...Running in to his presence. I see angels surrounding the throne room, Everything is shining with light...It is beautiful. yet my eyes, usually they would be wandering around the room admiring everything in sight, but they aren't. They are focused so steadily and intently on Him. MY King...My Savouir. I am running to His throne just as he asks me too. And when I get there I am embracing him, I practically fall in to his arms. The love his arms hold overwhelms me. He holds me closely. He protects me, I know I am safe and secure when I am in his presence.

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