Sunday, September 19, 2010

Set My Heart on Fire

And my heart burns for You...
And my heart burns for You...
A simple, simple song we sing in church every so often. As I sang along today in church I suddenly began to question just what this song is saying, just what this song really means, to me, mostly. So I stopped singing. I sat down and closed my eyes. I began to ask God. I wanted answers. I asked God...God, Just what does a "heart burning for you" look like. I waited and I waited...I asked fervently and he gave me an answer. One I feel I really must share. Various teachers have always told me, if you don't understand something chances are other people don't either. so under those assumptions that there just may be people with the same question, here is the answer God gave to me, himself.

What does it mean to have a heart burning for Jesus?

Constant, constant was a key word in God's answer. To have your heart burning is to want Jesus constantly through out your day. To not be able to stop thinking about God. To not be able to stop talking to God. To have you heart burn for Jesus is to be walking constantly beside him as you do with your best friend. This is just part of it though. There was some more to his explanation.

When your heart is so on fire for Jesus, Your fire is so in control (with Jesus help) Of course we know that when we rely on Jesus and are following after him, when we give him the wheel there is nothing to worry about.

He went on to say when your Heart is on fire and your eyes are totally focused on him, He will begin to show me things. It is then that I can see people in their state of need. See their uncontrollable fires and, with God's help, try to show them how they can come to not only manage but to control their fire...that it may not run their life and how to give God all the control.

I got the picture of a school hallway. All around me was a bunch of little fires walking around. Some are huge and blazing hot and uncontrol and few are burning steadily and some are completely out, just a pile of wood. God showed me the few fires burning steadily are the passionate, not-just-sunday morning christians. These are the people that want to not only see change and see lives saved but they are marching off to do so. They're eyes are totally focused on their saviour. They are helping the other fires spark, and get in control. These fires are tryng to spread...

The Uncontrollable fires are those Christians who go to church on sunday morning and that is about it. They say they're christians and they believe whole heartedly, they pray and read their Bibles but they are not really taking it in, they are not doing something with the knowledge and they are just living their life. They really aren't focusing their all on Jesus. So when something goes wrong they are not prepared to deal with it causing their fire to go out of control. They haven't learned how to control their fire, they haven't learned to give Jesus their everything. That is the key.

The third group of people are those who don't know Jesus. They don't even have a fire started. They are just a pile of wood. They really don't have anything to burn for and to strive for. After all what is a life with out Jesus?

God told me that when my heart is passionately on fire for him, when I am totally focused on him, He will give me the abilty to see these people and it is then he will give me the wisdom and the knowledge as to what to do. And this isn't just for me but for everybody. But only when we have completely put all our focus and trust on him. Only when Our hearts are burning intently for him. Our King Jesus Christ. And that's a promise...

God has left me with only one questin now...and so I ask you, What does your fire look like?

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